Solar for Business

Cost savings – and future-proofing for your business

Energy costs are a significant expense for most businesses. Investing in solar power results in significant savings making a huge difference to your balance sheet.

The benefits of Solar Power
Solar power is the energy source of the future that’s happening right now. Benefits for business are exponential given the volume of electricity used to support your products or services, often during daylight hours when the sun is on hand to provide.

● Substantial savings on energy costs
● Potential future income
● Greater resale value
● Unlimited sustainable and renewable energy
● Only a small amount of maintenance required for free energy
● Significant reduction (if not elimination) of your greenhouse gas emissions
● Reliable energy that gives you peace of mind
● Market leadership
● Real, measurable savings right from your first power bill

Incredible government incentives combined with $0 up front finance makes this a powerful time to start your investment and your savings through solar energy.
Our Process
The first step is to organise a free site visit with one of our CEC Accredited team members, who will provide a comprehensive assessment of your power needs. We will recommend a tailor-made solar solution that will suit your site and energy requirements, along with a quote.

This easy, hype-free approach will provide the best value and return on investment, recommending the best solar solution while carefully considering your individual needs and your electricity usage.

Our specially designed Solar System truck means that we can bring our showroom to you and allow you to see the solar equipment in person.

Contact us to organise your free site visit.


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