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6 Sep, 2020

How to Reduce your Costs as a Business

Energy costs are inevitable for businesses… When you invest in solar power, it ultimately results in significant savings, making a massive difference to your balance sheet and income statement ...

30 Aug, 2020

Working Beyond Solar

We don’t just do solar ☝️. If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable electrician to work on your residential or commercial project, we’re the team to help! To lea ...

26 Aug, 2020

The Truth About Solar

Here’s the ugly truth about solar ⬇️. While any homeowner or business owner is ready to make a solid investment, using good products that are backed by solid warranties, sometimes, the out ...

19 Aug, 2020

Solar Doesn't have to Blow your Budget...Here's Why

Think that a good quality solar product will cost you an arm and a leg? Think again 💥. The wide range of products is making solar more accessible for homeowners and business owners alike. Add p ...

12 Aug, 2020

Here's the Beauty of Solar

The beauty of solar is this ⬇️. If the right products and the proper installation is applied, it works amazingly with very little maintenance. But be warned 💥. Just because it requires very ...

5 Aug, 2020

What to Consider when making the Switch

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